Are you tired of heavy web pages, browser pop-ups, flashing banners, N-factor authentication, user tracking and analytics? Well, there are some protocols that have not changed in the last 30 years and you can still try using them.

Let’s get started.


The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is not only “old”…

Which OS is installed on your laptop? I’ll guess, Windows, OSX or maybe Chrome OS. But how about MS-DOS?

Let’s take a challenge and imagine that you have this machine from 1988.

Which by the way, had a $1,999 price — the value equivalent to $4,989 today. Can we do something useful on this laptop nowadays? Let’s figure it out.


At the end of the 80s the typical personal computer was looking like this:

Dmitrii Eliuseev

Python and IoT Developer, science and ham radio enthusiast

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